Ampersand Team:

Artem Dorokhov
Marcin Fijak
Łukasz Fleszar
Jarosław Grzegorzek
Iryna Isaieva
Zarina Kalymova
Aleksandra Kawecka
Elizabeth Kociołek
Szymon Korzeniowski
Marcelina Korzeń
Maria Novosad
Anna Porowska
Yulia Rybalova
John Simon
Kornelia Stefanik
Kamil Ściana
Paweł Wybrański
Inna Zaripova (Editor-In-Chief)
Filip Zieliński

About the Ampersand Team

All the peculiar minds and talents have crossed to create our magazine. Coming from the furthest and the closest parts of the globe, our team is what Ampersand is based on. Everything starts and ends with people in our organization. We would like to present our profiles so that you are able to get some feedback on external relations officer before you call her to make an appointment, get to know the person who wrote that moving article, or find the details of somebody who created our absorbing commercial. The team is just waiting to meet You too!

Ampersand Team at WSB-NLU in Nowy Sącz