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Editor's Garden

First of all I would like to thank Aleksandra Kawecka, Elizabeth Kociołek, Szymon Korzeniowski and Filip Zieliński, who were an incredible support this semester and are graduating this year. The Ampersand Team will miss you!

Usually the end of May, beginning of June is time for (finally) hard studying, copying all notes from your mate for the whole semester, and analyzing what important you have been doing this semester that there wasn’t time for studying at all. I’m sure it sounds familiar to most of you. Tough time for students has come. The weather brings positive emotions every day and it feels like even nature is for having fun/partying/grilling, but not studying for sure. Plus, a big event is coming – Juwenalia, probably the most expected event of the year, and after that comes the exam session which automatically associates with stress and problems.

Nevertheless, one more year is heading to its end. It was one more year full of different emotions – from happiness to disappointment. I hope that you have leant a lot this year, not only concerning school subjects, but also about yourself.

Have you already started thinking about plans for the vacations? Will you go home to spend time with friends and family? Or find a job/practice abroad? And what about travelling? So many options and so little time. I suggest reading ChinaTrip2009 or Why to visit Kazakhstan articles – maybe these options will be attractive to you. Don’t forget to read Horoscopes – it might give you some helpful hints. You’ll also find Movie and Album Reviews, Who Killed the Electric Car, and many more.

The Ampersand team wishes You to successfully pass all exams, and have lots of fun this summer!

Inna Zaripova